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                Welcome to the official website of Taicang Lun you Jinggong Machinery Co., Ltd. Professional super transparent cutting machine manufacturer!
                 TAPE SLITTING
                 AUTOMATIC CUTTING
                 REWINDING MACHINE
                 AUTOMATIC CUTTING
                 COATING MACHINE
                 OTHER EQUIPMENT
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                Contact:Mr. Yuan
                Mob:13915789585 18962624256
                Add:Taicang Shuangfeng town of Fenglin Road No. 228

                LY-600 high speed slitting machine
                LY-600 high speed...
                LY-218 high speed slitting machine
                LY-218 high speed...
                LY-211-II ultra transparent (low noise) stripe machine
                LY-211-II ultra...
                LY-212 high speed slitting machine
                LY-212 high speed...
                LY-210 stripe machine
                LY-210 stripe machine
                LY-1300 stripe machine
                LY-1300 stripe machine
                Stationery tape dividing machine
                Stationery tape...
                LY-706 automatic cutting platform
                LY-706 automatic...
                LY-709 automatic cutting platform
                LY-709 automatic...
                LY-702 automatic cutting platform
                LY-702 automatic...
                Four axis automatic cutting platform
                Four axis automatic...
                LY-701 single axis slitting machine.
                LY-701 single axis...
                LY-703 double shaft winding machine
                LY-703 double shaft...
                LY-703 dual axis automatic cutting platform
                LY-703 dual axis...
                LY-701B automatic cutting machine
                LY-701B automatic...
                LY-708 automatic cutting machine
                LY-708 automatic...

                  Thank you for your love favored purchase our company Youlun series products, would like to express its appreciation! Here you can have perfect quality of sophisticated products, quality and efficient work efficiency, sincerity, put one's heart and soul into professional services. Youlun companies rely on their own extraordinary strength have established their own good brand image in the industry, has won the trust of customers and recognition. Because of our professional, so worthy of your trust! In order to protect your legal rights, remove your worries………【more details


                  We guarantee that in line with the "timely, professional, efficient, low price" service tenet, we sincerely repay users from all walks of life. We will create brilliant results with rigorous scientific management, excellent product quality, advanced technology and equipment, perfect after-sales service and sincere cooperation with all sectors of society!

                Add:Taicang Shuangfeng town of Fenglin Road No. 228
                Tel:0512-53418846 Fax:0512-53830556
                Contact:Mr. Yuan  Mob:13915789585 18962624256
                Http://www.tclyjg.com  E-mail:1317580449@qq.com
                Copyright:Taicang City Lun friend Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.(蘇ICP備12009861號)